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Case Study


Following SARS in 2003, the world's first Infectious Disease Center which is one of the hospital authority's venues was set up in Hong Kong to cope with disease epidemics.

It is imperative that the seventeen-story building is absolutely free of bacteria and viruses. As well as the daily cleaning and sanitizing of beds, medical equipment and facilities, the management recognize the importance of maintaining the air quality.

As a contractor of the Architectural Services Department HKSAR during the project stage, Microdust (HK) Limited was employed to manage the indoor air quality and to maintain an environment free of bacteria and viruses.

In preparation, Microdust prepared a proposal for IDC, clearly stating the procedures of the whole process.

After conducting various site surveys, all fixtures were protected before thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all air ducts in the building using high-end machines and robots specifically designed for the job.

Microdust is experts in satisfying high-level requirements such as those from IDC. We provide our clients with healthier working environments, facilitating higher productivity and attendance and even reduced electricity usage by improving the air flow efficiency of air duct systems.